Will Rogers Museum.

Will Rogers Museums

Born in Oolagah, Indian Territory, Will Rogers was son to a prominent Cherokee senator, judge and cattleman. Visitors can see Rogers’ birthplace at the Dog Iron Ranch near Lake Oologah or visit the Will Rogers Museum, located in Claremore, Oklahoma.

Will Rogers Memorial Museum

In hopes of making it his retirement home, Will Rogers purchased this 20-acre site for $500 an acre in 1911. Following his untimely death, his family donated the land, along with great parts of the collection. The eight-gallery Will Rogers Memorial Museum features a 2,400-square-foot library, 18,000 photographs and thousands of his original manuscripts, private letters, contracts and personal papers.

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Dog Iron Ranch

Tour the log-walled, two-story post-Civil War home where “Oklahoma’s Favorite Son” was born on Nov. 4, 1879. Built in 1875, the house is an example of the vernacular interpretation of the Greek revival style of architecture that was typical throughout the South during this period.

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