Protecting The Sacred One

Type of art: Painting, Drawing, Graphics & Photography

Framed drawing of Native Americans chasing the sacred buffalo for its magical powers and beauty.

Materials: Oklahoma Indian Territory ledger paper, colored pencil

Technique: Original drawings with colored pencils on antique original Oklahoma Indian Territory ledger paper

Size: 31"x27"

Price: $2,200
Paul Hacker
Choctaw Nation
(307) 413-7285
Paul Hacker Hacker is a Choctaw and Cherokee artist who believes in keeping alive Native American artistic traditional skills and cultural heritage. He meticulously handcrafts traditional Plains Indian flutes, custom knives, and replicates historical Native American pottery. His ledger art takes inspiration from St. Augustine where the Cheyenne Native Americans were held captive. Hacker is the winner of more than 170 prestigious awards and honors, including an award from the Smithsonian institution - National Museum of the American Indian.
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