"Pestilence: COVID, Smallpox, Black Plague- A floral Gas Mask"

Type of art: Beadwork / Quillwork



"Pestilence: COVID, Smallpox, Black Plague- A floral gas mask" depicts one of the many contemporary issues of our modern lives. More than the devastating impact of these diseases upon our peoples- this art narrative is about our resilience and ability to find beauty in all things. I have always been extremely impressed in the beauty found in often simple, utilitarian items. The joy I can palpably feel from the creator of historical and contemporary art, as well as the satisfaction in the execution of an idea or vision- these are things I hope to capture in this piece. This horrifying juxtaposition of the vulgarity of why gas masks even exist, coupled with the bacterias and viruses that have afflicted us- are visibly laid bare against beautiful beadwork and floral designs of bacterias and cross-sections of viruses. DNA vines weave through a petri dish of growth, with no discernable identification of whose DNA is there. Our DNA appears the same and unfortunately we all wear this mask.

Materials: Czech gas mask, 13/0 charlotte cut beads, 24k Gold charlotte beads, freshwater pearls, 11/0 beads, ermine skins, satin ribbons, brass bells and thimbles, Swarovski crystals, rooster hackles

Technique: Applique stitch beadwork

Size: 12"x9.5"x12"

Price: $32,000
Dallin Maybee
Northern Arapaho
(505) 506-5293
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