Hungry Cat Contemporary Pictorial Beaded handbag

Type of art: Beadwork / Quillwork

Contemporary style handbag depicting a hungry cat eating a slice of Western New York Pizza. Very modern and almost pop art in style, this pictorial bag combines many techniques in its overall creation. A fun and whimsical manner in which my beadwork continues to evolve while having fun in its creations. The large tassel on bottom corner sort of represents an ideal and major cat toy, in which my own Cat (whom this bag is a depiction of) would love to play with....a Cats DREAM! This piece is to evoke Fun, cheer, whimsical and charm in the heavy times we are currently in. I feel portraying things in a happy manner that makes me happy, can spur someone else to be happy too. We need good things to think about at this time, and this is an ode to sheer happiness!

Materials: Beads include new and vintage beads, Swarovski Crystals, Brass Beads and Thimbles, Wool and Brain tanned buckskin. Mixed bead style background consists of 11 shades of monochromatic yellow and tan colors and also uses vintage Bugle beads for texture.

Technique: 2 Needle Tackstitch, Single Bead tackstitch, rolled beaded edge.

Size: Bag: 10 1/2" x 7 3/4"WP, Tassels 10" drop

Price: $8,400
Kenneth Williams
Northern Arapaho
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