Crawdad Giggin' Basket

Type of art: Basketry



Handwoven Cherokee Utilitarian Basket woven out of planed wood splints and natural dyes.

Materials: Planed wood splints that have been hand cut and trimmed from 2" wide down to 1/8" wide. Natural Dyes: black walnut hills and root, bloodroot and bois d'arc wood shavings.

Technique: I receive the wood splints at 2 inches wide. I then hand scrape them using a pocket knife to make them smooth and shiny. Afterwards I hand cut them down to 1/8"wide which is my preferred width to weave with. Select splints are dyed with natural dyes that I make out of hand gathered and processed materials listed above. Basket is handwoven, using processed hickory bark as the rim.

Size: 12" h X 5" w X 3" d

Price: $1,500
Michael Dart
Cherokee Nation
(918) 575-6776
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