Cherokee Sewing Basket

Type of art: Basketry



"Sometime between 1924 and 1933 Polly Blackfox needed the services of a midwife. She created a beautiful sewing basket with an interior small basket intricately interwoven into the bottom, all topped by a lid. The basket was presented to the midwife as payment for her services." In a book authored by Karen Coody Cooper, Oklahoma Cherokee Baskets, Dr. Coody Cooper includes this story and a b/w picture of the sewing basket woven by Ms. Blackfox. Using the picture, I have tried to weave a basket in the same style. The body of the basket has been kept plain for utilitarian use. The only decoration is on the lid of the basket where woven corn, and wheat have been arranged to represent the many responsibilities and cares a woman has in society: Traditionally, women gathered the grains and provided the clothing for the family. Even while accomplishing these responsibilities, she brought beauty to all of the tasks. (NOTE: The basket and lid are dyed with natural Walnut dye.)

Materials: Commerical Reed, Natural and Commercial Dyes

Technique: Cherokee Double Walled - Round Reed

Size: 18" Diameter; 9" Height

Price: $400
Renee Hoover
Cherokee Nation
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