Tell Me Turtle Stories

Type of art: Basketry



I have woven four "story baskets" that each contain a clear message; this fifth story basket is designed to be "open ended" and used by an adult and child to create stories unique to them and their setting. I have woven several turtles within the basket that can become a part of any child's story. The large turtle on the lid could naturally become a parent/adult with the smaller turtles within the basket (and specially hidden within the parent!) used for whatever roles suit the story. I worked many years in early childhood and understand the importance of stories for children -- and parents. I also worked closely with families involved in child protective services and saw the many strengths all these families can build upon. Most importantly families must create their own stories and this basket could become a starting point.

Materials: Commercial Reed and Dyes

Technique: Cherokee Double Walled - Round Reed

Size: 17" Diameter; 11" Height

Price: $450
Renee Hoover
Cherokee Nation
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