Early Classic Poncho

Type of art: Textiles

Early Classic Poncho woven on a traditional vertical Navajo loom using 2 sheds. Designs created using interlock and diagonal stair step methods. Design pattern of stripes create a visual affect where the solid colors emerge out showing a zig zag pattern on the top and bottom ends of the weaving. This utilitarian garment can be worn in full drape over the person or folded in half (lengthwise) and placed across one shoulder or both shoulders. When not wearing the Early classic Poncho, it can be hung on a wall or placed atop a bed. This traditional garment was popular among the Navajo people and neighboring Pueblo people in the late 1700's and 1800's. This Early Classic Poncho was created in February 2020 and was entered in the annual Heard Museum Indian Fair where it was awarded a "Second Place" in the traditional garment category.

Materials: Mill spun wool with anline dyes.

Technique: Navajo weaving made on a traditional vertical loom with 2 sheds. Side edge cords handspun using Navajo 3-ply method. Patterns created using vertical interlock method and diagonal designs created using stair step method.

Size: 4 feet x 6 feet with center slit

Price: $12,000
Tahnibaa Naataanii
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