Community Arbor: Safe to Speak Mvskoke

Type of art: Diverse Art Forms

I have created an arbor 24x24x27inches, from Elm limbs, popular wood base, ink etched paper with serigraph dipped in wax. The wax dipped etchings are attached to the arbor structure with copper wire and wax sinew. An LED light source illuminates the structure of images of my Muscogee family from the early 1900s the 1980s, with lyrics form a Mvskoke hymn titled Mekusape Fullvnna a Praying People. The triangular design represents men and women living in community.

Materials: Ink, paper, copper wire, wax sinew, elm branches, popular wood base, LED lights.

Technique: I have created an arbor of Elm branches with a Popular wood base. The arbor is connected wire waxed sinew and copper. The sides, interior and roof are covered with etched photographs with application of serigraph deeper in wax.

Size: Base 24x24, 27 inches high

Price: $4,000
Tony Tiger
Sac and Fox Nation, Oklahoma
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