For kids young and old, there are plenty of fun options for families to experience within Cherokee Nation. Below are recommendations for those looking to plan an exciting family friendly day trip.


Will Rogers Memorial Museum 

As you tour the twelve galleries of Will Rogers Memorial Museum, you will understand why Will Rogers was admired by so many. His style of rope tricks entertained audiences all over the world as he began performing in circuses abroad, then on the Vaudeville stages of New York, and into the silent and talk movies of the 1920s and 30s. His humorous philosophy brought his career to radio broadcasting and writing for syndicated newspaper columns. After touring the museum, enjoy some authentic cowboy grub with a chuck wagon dinner and then settle into the museum’s auditorium for some cowboy entertainment and comedy.

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J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum

Watch out for gunslingers at the J.M. Davis Arms & Historical Museum, the largest privately-owned gun collection in the world. The museum contains firearms along with Cherokee history, antique music boxes, musical instruments and steins from around the world.

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Hammett House

Hammett House started operations in 1969 after almost 20 years of “dreaming and planning” on the part of Mrs. LaNelle Hammett.

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Will Rogers Birthplace 

The Dog Iron Ranch, located about two miles east of Oologah, Oklahoma, is the historic ranch and birthplace of humorist Will Rogers. The current property comprises 400 acres of the original 60,000 ranch operated by Clem Rogers, Will's father.

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Historical Downtown Antique Shopping on J.M. Davis Blvd 

Spend time where Claremore's historic past and present meet for shopping, dining and unwinding.

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