Cherokee National History Museum

This museum would be a great place to start your indoctrination to Cherokee country. It explains their origin story, and the trail of tears, and the boarding school era, as well as the code talkers. The art work and artifacts on the first floor are quite lovely. As you walk up the stairs, the murals surround you with their creation story. Housed in the renovated Cherokee National Capitol, the Cherokee National History Museum tells the Cherokee story through immersive exhibits and augmented reality.

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Cherokee Nation Spider Gallery

Located in the old Court Mall directly behind the Cherokee Arts Center is the retail Spider Gallery located at 215 S. Muskogee Avenue. The Gallery carries artwork made by Cherokee Artists, many of which are well known and have won numerous awards across the United States.

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Restaurant of the Cherokees

Located in Tahlequah, this family-style restaurant serves one of the state's best buffets loaded with American favorites, along with a handful of authentic Cherokee dishes.

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Cherokee Heritage Center 

The Cherokee Heritage Center seeks to preserve the historical and cultural artifacts, language, and traditional crafts of the Cherokee. The Heritage Center is located on the site of the mid-19th century Cherokee Seminary building in Park Hill, Oklahoma, a suburb of Tahlequah. The center was originally known as Tsa-La-Gi but is now known as the Cherokee Heritage Center.

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