Always Remember

Type of art: Diverse Art Forms
"Always Remember" is a tribute to the journey that our people forcibly endured through the frigid temperatures and snow, day and night, on foot, to the place that we call home now, Oklahoma. Five figures represent each tribe that was a part of the removal, the five civilized tribes.

Materials: Seed beads, birch bark, buckskin.

Size: 4" x 8" x 0"
Price: $1,750
Andrea Tidwell
Cherokee Nation
Andrea Tidwell has been hand beading jewelry and art for nearly 40 years. Beadwork was taught to her by her mother, the late Mary Lee Catron Tidwell, a Cherokee beadwork artist. Tidwell's work has been sold in the Five Civilized Tribes Museum, Crystal Bridges and numerous places throughout the 40 year span of her artistry.
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