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Type of art: Miniatures


Hand coiled turtle effigy with rabbit lid incising , burnished and double fired.

Materials: Earthenware clay and same clay body. 

Size: 4" x 4" x 4"

Price: $285
Crystal Hanna
Cherokee Nation
Apprenticed with Anna Mitchell, Cherokee Treasure in 1999. Anna opened up the Native American Art Show world to be as well as pottery programs to many Native American hands on cultural events and workshops. . 

My mission for the past 22 years is to continue Anna’s legacy. 

I love the clay and the endless ways to create objects that represent our ancient culture while expressing pottery in traditional and contemporary  forms. 

I currently serve as VP to the newly formed Rt 66 Native Alliance. We are a 501 3c non profit. Our mission to  promote, educate and provide opportunities to share our diverse Native American Cultures.
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