Always More Tears

Type of art: Painting
We shed tears for those we lost to disease and hardship on the Trail of Tears, and we continue to shed tears for those lost to COVID-19.

The Cherokee rose is said to have sprouted along the Trail of Tears from the tears of the Cherokee people. We add more tears for those lost to the hardships of the current pandemic. 

Materials: Watercolor and Ink. 

Size: 20" x 30" x 1"
Price: $2,500
Robin Stockton
Cherokee Nation

While dealing with grief, Robin was introduced to working on a daily art journal as a coping mechanism.  Journaling brought a new focus and an exploration of art in a meaningful way.  Creating art on the small page has caused a metamorphosis of her style and technique.  Like the book of journaling, a new chapter of possibly has opened in her life.

After traveling the United States and Europe, Robin returned to her Cherokee home of Oklahoma. She finds that her art gives her quiet nature a voice, and strengthens her connection to her Cherokee heritage.

Robin has exhibited at numerous Native American Art Shows and has won several awards.

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