Cherokee Nation is proudly the largest tribe in America. We are one community, made up of 370,000 citizens. More than 137,253 of those citizens reside in the nation’s 7,000-square-mile jurisdiction in northeast Oklahoma. We are committed to making a significant financial impact on the economies, and with the families, where we live and work each day. As we focus on leveraging our strong workforce, our innovative spirit and the fairness and respect that are at the core of being Cherokee, the tribe continues flourish just as we have throughout our history.

Cherokee Nation has a $2.03 billion annual impact on Oklahoma’s economy, investing its profits in the services and facilities that make Oklahoma a great place to live and raise a family. Community projects include:

  • Providing more than $6.3 million annually to Oklahoma schools from car tag sales
  • Serving 60,859households with USDA food assistance and 3,671 households with low income heating and energy assistance
  • Building roads, bridges and waterlines that benefit all Oklahomans
  • Serving 1.32 million patient visits
  • Supporting Head Start, early childhood classrooms, Sequoyah Schools for grades 7-12 and language revitalization programs
  • Building homes for citizens
Cherokee Nation has a rich history full of culture and perseverance. Explore important moments in Cherokee history on OsiyoTV's interactive timeline.


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